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A reputed name for Comprehensive General Insurance, Life insurance and financial advisory services

At Yash, our mission is to provide our clients with the comprehensive, competent, customized and best solutions in General Insurance, Life insurance, wealth creation and wealth management areas. We are driven to provide clients with simple, unbiased and uncluttered professional advice that adds value to their business and quality of life and results in actionable solutions.

Why Us

  • Vision
  • Process
  • Delivery

At Yash, our vision is to provide you with ideal solutions in General and Life Insurance and wealth management for your overall risk coverage and financial well-being. It is our mission to reach to a maximum number of clients and make a positive, worthwhile impact in their lives and help them achieve their responsibilities and financial goals in life.

We at Yash always endeavour to triumph the trust of our customers and be committed to enhancing customer satisfaction level through:

  • Quick response
  • High-quality service.
  • Designing innovative product to suit customer’s needs.
  • Arranging insurance policies at economic and most competitive rates.
  • Placement of business with insurance company offering economical effective & efficient coverage.
  • Prompt claims management.

We are driven to provide you with simple, unbiased and uncluttered professional advice that adds value to your quality of life and results in actionable solutions. We practice a client focused, need-based, process oriented approach and rather than a product focused and sales oriented approach.

Going beyond planning and execution services, we believe in building a long-term relationship with you and be present to see you when you achieve your financial responsibilities & goals in life. All this while, we would ensure that you are always updated, informed and in control of your wealth.

Our Philosophy

  • Client Centric Approach +

    Nothing influences and concerns us more than your long-term interests. Hence we have designed everything possible to match your needs and ensure that you benefit first and the most.
  • Rich Product Basket +

    We offer a single point access to multiple in General Insurance, Life insurance,  financial and non-financial products and solutions with a holistic need-driven approach & not product centric approach.
  • Value Added Services +

    Our Services ensure comfort, convenience, confidence and control to you in managing your in General Insurance, Life insurance, and wealth. You would enjoy being always updated of your investments, anytime, anywhere.
  • Right People To Partner +

    We have rich experience in General Insurance, Life insurance,  financial advisory and products distribution space. Backed by right qualifications & skills, we are the right people to engage with to ensure a smooth ride towards financial well-being.
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