We understand that merely having a rich product basket is not enough for our valued clients. What clients really need is a holistic platform for an entire family (or an organisation) to record, report & manage a comprehensive portfolio of holdings into multiple financial products. We are proud to offer the following highly acclaimed services to our clients.

  • Services free of cost and that too at your doorstep.
  • A Review of your existing insurance arrangements by our team of technical underwriters and a GAP ANALYSIS REPORT which will be presented in simple, non-technical language, explaining to you/your senior management, flaws (if any) in the existing insurance covers.
  • Continuous analysis, identification and evaluation of risks.
  • Risk management and loss control & Assisting with the interpretation of terms and conditions of the policy.
  • Providing cost-benefit analysis of every policy, suggesting alternatives and advice in respect of insurance requirement and coverage.
  • We assist you in the minimising your insurance cost.
  • Planning implementation and maintenance of your insurance program.
  • Negotiating with the insurer(s), concerning renewal rates and policy coverage.
  • Effective claim management, to ensure settlement of claims to your satisfaction in reasonable time.
  • We draft tailor-made policies to suit your requirement at the most economical rate.
  • Ensure that the insurance quotes received from various insurers are in accordance with the slips issued. Compare the terms received and negotiate the most competitive rates on your behalf, to ensure you get the best covers at the best price.

Make a presentation of the different quotes received, along with a detailed note on the merits/drawbacks of each, thereby enabling you to take an informed decision about your insurance arrangements

  • Preparation for renewal before 45 days and discussion with a concerned executive of your organisation.
  • Calling quotation from an insurance company with your permission and submitting your technical analysis.
  • Preparing terms and condition for placement of insurance business.
  • In the event of claim to involve ourselves from the first day, right from intimation, follow up with insurance company till collection of cheque.
  • To attend your call within the shortest time.

We are confident that if given an opportunity to prove ourselves, we will be able to bring the following value additions to your insurance portfolio:

  • Defects free policy.
  • Quality documents.
  • Quick and better claim settlement.
  • Value addition in services.
  • Cost saving.

May I therefore, on behalf of Yash, invite you to help us in designing a suitable insurance portfolio for you and save on your premium.

Client Desk(Wealth Management Desk)
The Client Desk is a premium offering for our clients which consolidates entire wealth/portfolio information, covering every major financial /non-financial product, for an entire family or an organisation. The access to the Client Desk is given through an highly secured, unique login-id and password to every client.

The information inside the desk is updated on a daily basis and all transactions done through us are automatically updated so that clients need not make any entries. The Client Desk empowers you by keeping you updated & informed, anytime any where – throgh online access or through a mobile application.

NJ E-Wealth A/c Service
As a client of our NJ E-Wealth A/c service you can enjoy some big, tangible benefits. You can do hassle, worry and error free transactions in a very easy, time and cost effective manner – any time, any where.

We offer easy transaction facility and few very unique services for mutual fund transactions in our NJ E-Wealth A/c service, as given below.

  • Fresh Purchase /Additional Purchase /Redemptions /Switch Transactions
  • SIP and STP registration
  • NFO – Purchase, Switch and SIP Registration
  • Equity Stock SIP registration
  • Equity IPOs and Debt IPOs Application
  • Comprehensive reports

What's more, we offer multiple modes of doing transactions as listed below...

  • Mobile: Transact through application on your mobile
  • Online Desk: Transact through online Trading Account Desk
  • Phone: Call and transact through your phone
  • Offline: Transact through physical instructions

Mutual Funds Automated Portfolio Rebalancing System (MARS)
One of the key challenges of managing a portfolio is to regularly monitor and adjust the portfolio on an ongoing basis as per your risk profile and in line with market movements. However, most advisors fail to do so as it involves making multiple transactions frequently in a time bound manner. We have a unique offering for our NJ E-Wealth A/c Clients called as 'MARS' that very effectively gives the answer to this problem.

MARS is a technology powered tool which helps in managing asset allocation through periodic rebalancing of portfolio which involves a research & logic driven scheme selection process. With two broad asset allocation offerings – Dynamic & Fixed, MARS is the answer to client worries on portfolio management.